Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Windows Phone 8 is Your Kid’s Playmate

Smartphones come with several superb features that are enough to captivate us, the users. Here we ‘users’ fall into the category of ‘adults’. Quite often, I have wondered why no smartphone maker has considered kids while launching their handset models. After all, they form the real ‘family’. (Probably smartphones are only meant for adults per se). Anyways, now I am happy.  Finally, Microsoft has heard my plea by introducing Kids Corner in Windows Phone 8, a special zone dedicated to, yes, the kids. And in my view, Kids Corner is a real blessing for anyone who has a little devil at home eagerly waiting for him to reach back. Here's how you set up the Kid's Corner in your phone.

Generally kids use a phone to keep themselves entertained. But most among us are hesitant to hand over anything pricey  let alone a smartphone, as we fear they may do naughty things with it. For instance, they may erase an important file in your phone that can lead to non-repairable damages, both personally and officially. Or sometimes they may send a message to your boss putting you in an embarrassing state. Now with Kids Corner in your Windows Phone 8, it is time to throw away all such fears.  Kids Corner is the app specially meant for your tiny ones where he can keep himself busy with games, music, and movies. It divides your phone into two - one for you and the other for your child. And don’t worry; your part is secure with a PIN. Here's how you do it.

Opening Kid's Corner on Windows Phone 8 is simple. You need to just swipe the finger from right to left. Now once you hand over the smartphone to your child, his access is restricted to only the apps available in Kids Corner. He can catch up with his favorite games, songs, or movies on the device, letting you continue with your job. Clicking quality snaps will help him bud his photographic skills; but only with your permission. You control what he does in Kids Corner by including only the apps you feel he needs.

It is a fact that not everyone wants Kid's Corner on their handset. So obviously Microsoft has disabled it by default on Windows Phone 8. And enabling the feature as you need is not a tough task at all. You can customize the tile as per the preference of your naughty little heart.  Adding more charm, your kid can change the wallpaper, theme color as well as the name that appears on the lock screen as he wishes. Now you got why Kids Corner is a perfect buddy for your child.

What I found interesting in Kids Corner is the unavailability of Internet Explorer Mobile. Making a call or creating a message is also impossible here. This restricts handset misuse to a large extent. In case you feel like closing the Kids Corner app, just press the device power button, and it is done. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately you can create just one Kids Corner locale on Windows Phone 8. It means if you have multiple kids, the Kids Corner needs to be shared among them.

So the next time when you are on a journey, and your kid asks something similar to what is screened on the photo on the right, keep your tiny cub in good company with your Windows Phone 8. He will find himself lost in Kids Corner without troubling you a bit. Yes, trouble can arise at the time when you urgently need your phone, your little devil refuses to hand it back to you.  

Is Kids Corner just restricted for your little ones? Of course not! This app can be beneficial if a friend wants to play the new game you've downloaded on your phone. Just tweak the settings of Kids Corner accordingly and relax while the chap unwinds himself.

Check out the video underneath to decipher why exactly you need a phone with Kids Corner in it. As far as our recommendation goes; well, buy Windows Phone now. It's definitely worth the money.

Image by: Mattshomes


  1. Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I do not want to let my kids to play with my wp 8 although they loves yo play games, but they do not want to go for outdoor games. I think they can keep them-self almost all the day in-front of desktop or with my WP 8. Could it harm them for their health?
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  2. Sometimes it needs to distract your child! Kid's corner in your phone is the nicest way to do that. Look in here for more Have a good time!