Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Windows 8 Pro: It’s Professional This Time

As promised earlier, Windows 8 Pro will arrive in January 2013. Microsoft is pretty confident this time, thanks to the initial positive response its reimagined OS has got this time around. Though the gap between both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro is just few months, Microsoft has done adequate changes in Windows 8 Pro to make it new, fresh, and more advanced than Windows 8. As the name ‘Pro’ suggests, Microsoft is targeting professionals this time. And what makes more alluring is that you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at just $40. Unbelievable; isn't it? Yes, you are right in your assumption. My focus here today is Windows 8 Pro. 

No prize for guessing that Windows 8 Pro has more advanced features than Windows 8. Otherwise why would they launch a new product? Let us begin our journey through Windows 8 Pro from Media Center. As the name suggests, it is an entertainment hub for users. A professional like you may require moving a lot. Those dull moments at airport lounge or hotel lobbies are things of past. With Media Center, you can listen to your latest favorite hits or catch up with television programs on travel. Wait, but this Media Center thingy was there is Windows Vista and 7 as well, so what’s new? Agreed, being a paid product in Windows 8 it’s free in its Pro version, at least for the time being though.

Next up is the BitLocker and BitLocker To Go features.  As someone who is required to travel quiet frequently, there are chances of your laptop getting misplaced or stolen. In case the laptop with sensitive information falls into the hands of any stranger, he can access to it and can take away all data inside. To safeguard the data in your stolen gadget, Microsoft had introduced BitLocker technology in Windows Vista Business edition. This feature was later extended in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions and was called BitLocker To Go to protect data on portable storage devices such as USB thumb drives.  Now both BitLocker and BitLocker To Go features are available in Windows 8 Pro offering full-disk encryption. Only admin can turn the feature on and off, leaving no scope for a stranger to gain access into the data.  Oh! I can see you gasping in relief now.   Anyways, this doesn’t mean that you can forget your laptop next time while in train. 

Adding more charm, Windows 8 Pro has got Domain Join and Group Policy. On primary sight, these features may seem irrelevant to you. But for IT admins using Windows 8 Pro, Domain Join is essential as it lets them to access Active Directory where they can set PC management and security policies through the Group Policy feature. Active Directory is beneficial for IT professionals as it permits them to verify passwords and specify if the users are system administrators or normal users. It doesn’t seem to be too technical for you to grasp; or was it?  

This is Client Hyper-V feature.  You can use this attribute in the latest OS from Microsoft to create virtual machines. Yes, I know what you are going to say now. I agree that Hyper-V technology was present in previous versions as well. But here is a difference. Previously Hyper-V technology was available only in Windows Server editions. This time you can find it in the client version of Windows 8 Pro as well.

It is now time to lead your attention to Remote Desktop feature. Yes again, the remote desktop feature was available in prior Windows versions since Windows 7. But here, in Windows 8 Pro, it becomes more advanced. To explain further, in previous Windows version, while it was possible to get your PC accessed via a remote desktop feature, here in Windows 8 Pro, you are able to access the other person’s PC as well. This feature lets you access your office computer even while on a vacation hundreds of miles away.  What proof should I provide more to convince you that Windows 8 Pro is a professional-targeted OS. Cool!

So how do you find Windows 8 Pro? Aren't the attributes tempting enough to make you think about upgrading your existing Windows-based OS to Windows 8 Pro. If yes, then this is the right time to do that. Microsoft has lucrative offers in store for you. You just need to shell out $39.99. Yes, you heard it right buddy. However here is a small issue. You can upgrade only if the existing OS is Windows 7, or Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3. This irresistible offer is valid till January 31, 2013. So go for it now and here's how you can do it. And just in case you've recently purchased a new Windows 7-based PC, you can upgrade to Windows 8 at just $14.99. You need to provide the Windows 7 key however. 

Though there is no idea about what the prices will be after the prescribed date, it is expected to go up to $199.99. So tell me when you are planning to grab your copy?

Get the hands-on review for Windows 8 Pro in the video underneath:

Know about BitLocker in Windows 8 in the video here:

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