Monday, December 17, 2012

Windows 8: Now Socializing is More Easy

What is life without friends? Oh God! It is really unimaginable. But unfortunately in this turbulent world of ours it is difficult to stay in touch with near and dear ones. However with Windows 8, at least connecting to buddies is a lot easier. In comes various apps to make our days more vibrant, iridescent, and joyous, and to upkeep relations.

First up are the Mail and Calendar apps that I am sure will allure you the most. Let me begin with the Mail app here. You may have several e-mail accounts; say with Google, Yahoo!, Rediff or your office mail. Now, instead of accessing these accounts separately, how about accessing them from one central location? That’s what this mail apps does; it gives you centralized access to all your email accounts. You can even reply back to mails and they will go via your original account only. Doesn't it make your mail presence lot simpler?  

So, how to work with this app? Well, for that you need a Microsoft account. Now what’s that? Well, most of you already have one especially if you are a regular user of Hotmail, Xbox Live or Messenger. The same e-mail address and password you use to access any of these accounts can be used as your Microsoft account. It’s as simple as that. However, if you don’t have such account yet, you can sign up like a breeze here. 

Now coming to Calendar app, it is a joint for all your schedules. Are you one of the kinds who like to have that special assistant to remind you of special dates such as your marriage anniversary, a holiday, or an important official meeting? Is yes, then the Calendar app is the right choice for you, as with this you can keep a track of all dates and times that matter you the most. You can also color the app tile as per your choice to make it easy to detect. And one more thing, personal dates will not overlap with professional meetings.

So what more can we do with Windows 8. Sending and checking e-mails, or arranging personal events is fine, but we cannot title the post something like ‘now socializing is more easy and blah blah just because it has certain apps that can yield central access. There is much more that Windows 8 has in store for us; a convenient way to share photos for instance. In comes the Share Charm, an integrated space to share photos, update statuses, email photos, and what not. Moreover it comes with anywhere access; that is you can post a snap of your recent vacation in both Facebook and Flickr without actually halting your work. 

Along with snaps, you can even share links of different websites via separate social networking sites without actually signing into multiple accounts. It’s hard to believe; right?  Just try with the link to the page you are currently reading. At least my blog will reach your friends. Cool! That was just a joke buddy.

Another area in Windows 8 where you will find ample scope to socialize with your pals is the People app. Specifically designed to target the young generation you will find wide range of options here to share your feelings and snaps with the chums of your choice. It even lets you to filter the friends in the contact list, making it easy to search for them.

Let us now come to Skype, the platform that lets you to talk with anyone in the world for free. Windows 8 is an ideal platform for you to make a call on Skype. If it is already there in your computer, you can directly use it. Otherwise you can download Skype for free from the Windows Store. Same is the case with Internet Messenger. You can chat with your friends via IM on Windows 8 without even logging into it. 

Windows 8 is an ideal choice for everyone who longs to be in company of their dear ones. It has several attributes that makes your social life vibrant. So do not lament next time that you got no time to spare for your buddies. Go; grab your copy of Windows 8 right now or wait for its pro version till January next year. 

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