Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surface Tablet Loses Out to iPad and Nexus; Early Days Though

Microsoft enjoys a big clout in the software market. The Redmond-based tech-mogul expected this goodwill to play in its favor while launching Surface tablet. A potential contender to Apple iPad and Google Nexus—this was Microsoft’s claim about Surface when it was first made available for pre-orders almost a month back. But in the initial run-in it seems that the much hyped tablet from the world’s largest software maker may just lag behind its competitors. For those who disagree with my statement here, what I put forward are certain factors where Surface can go off the beam.

I think it is fair to begin with the positive aspects of Surface tablet. At least I won’t sound too harsh, calculated and biased towards Bill Gates and Co. The Surface tablet scores over its main rival Google Nexus over certain features. For instance, Surface is more appealing than Nexus. Even when we talk about storage memory, and screen size, Surface gains more points. But it loses the game when the same features are compared with that of the iPad where Surface falls flat.

Learning from past experiences is the virtue of wisdom. But it seems that Microsoft hasn’t gained much after the fiasco of Windows Vista. Microsoft still takes buyers for granted and expects them to gulp anything that is provided. The software tycoon believed that the massive hype created over Surface tablet will drive in more sales. However, at least in the initial going, it didn’t happen. Assuming the users to come for Surface, when gizmos with more advanced features are available in the market, was according to me a grave error. Microsoft should have done real homework before taking on Apple iPad and Google Nexus; for they are experienced players on the turf. 

An ardent Surface fan can claim that a 16GB Surface is available at a lesser price tag than the iPad, but both are equally priced when the comparison shifts to 32GB and 64GB versions. So Surface isn’t the clear winner here.  Moreover, even the screen-resolution of Surface is much lower than the other two.

Talking about the camera feature, iPad has a 5 MP camera whereas Surface has a 1.5 MP one, which is not that much captivating. Even the Windows  Store has lesser number of apps to select and download from. However, with time it might catch up with Android and Apple Store and probably Play To can help here.

So here are my final words. In spite of receiving massive attention Surface has so far failed to script its success story. The very fact that initial sales figures, as per company sources, are modest to say the least adds teeth to my statement here. But Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft is optimistic that demand for Surface will grow up with the release of a more advanced Surface Pro in the first quarter of the next year.

Although Microsoft will have to rework on several aspects so as to compete with iPad and Nexus, I hope the company will do everything possible to emerge as the most sought after tablet maker in the market. 

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